The Event Photo Guys provide hands-on works from 2 of the leading experts with Darkroom Software. Classes include 1 and 2 day workshops on Darkroom Booth and Darkroom Core/Pro.  Please check back for future dates and locations.

Description of Past Workshops:

Darkroom Booth 3.0

  • Finding your way around Booth – menus and drop downs

  • Basic settings – Print size, timing, text, and many others

  • How to customize and build Screen Templates

  • How to customize and build Print Templates

  • How to manage your events efficiently

  • Optimize camera settings and lighting for best results

  • Setting up email and other social media features

  • Wrap up – how it works and what it can do for you

  • Advanced Template creation for green screen

  • Slideshow

  • Social Media, Photo to Phone and email

  • Booth Control

  • GIF and Boomerang

  • Contest Mode

  • Alternate Print

  • Kiosk and hashtag printing

  • Signature, Doodle and Note features

  • Basic Troubleshooting

  • Phidgets and their use

  • Advanced Surveys with graphic lists

  • Multiple monitor setups

  • Alternate Prints

  • Photoshop Droplets

  • Troubleshooting

Core and Pro 9.2

  • Finding your way around Core and Pro

  • Workflow setup – Studio verses Event

  • How to build basic Templates

  • Advanced Templates

  • Setting up packages and package Groups

  • Using Template Groups

  • How to manage your events efficiently

  • Setting up USB and Wireless tethered cameras

  • Setting up email and other social media features

  • Getting the most out of a roll printer like the DX100

  • Client server systems with Core and Pro

  • Using barcodes in Core and Pro

  • Troubleshooting

  • Facebook